Thursday, November 1, 2012

Denial AINT just a River in Egypt

So, it's worse than I thought. Like TWENTY pounds, worse than I thought.  Here's the thing, if you look at your scale  everyday and decide that you don't need to step on it, even though you KNOW your jeans no longer're in major denial.  When you have done absolutely nothing but sit on your tail for 2 months straight while eating only foods that can delivered to you and expect to be able to just jump into a workout regimin that has been dubbed "the toughest workout ever on DVD" KNOW you're in denial.  So there I was anxiously opening my freshly delivered, life changing box of DVD's and of course expecting a magical wind to envelop me and instantly make me a fitness machine.  Hell, I even went home EARLY from Halloween festivities so that I could prepare for the start of a fresh new month,  a healthy new life and a body that would make Olvia Wilde cry. Ummmm. yeah. about that....that happens to not be how it works.  This is in fact how it works:  1) wake up early 2)scratch that, hit snooze button. 3) wake up slightly earlier than normal 4) GET PUMPED (lies, ALL lies) 5) start the work out 6) promptly realize that I can't even drag myself through the fitness test portion.  Thats right, after wheezing my way through three minutes of WARM UP, quickly was slapped into back into reality and out of that magical place known as "Denial".

Here's the good news.  I STARTED. I skipped one day of holding onto my comfortable college student habits(I have only been a graduate for a solid 7 years now) and got my plumped up frumpy butt out of bed longer 15 minutes before I was supposed to arrive at work and I did SOMETHING.  So even though I know this thing is going to take me on a frustrating, self loathing, doubtful, and dark path...I know that it will lead me over that hill to the strong and healthy body I have always wanted.  In the bubble gum words of Miley Cyrus (before she decided to go all "slutty punk" on us) "aint about how I get there, aint about what's waiting on the other's the climb" And yes I just quoted Miley Cyrus so get over it. I write this because I know that I'm not the only person with these hopes.  Knowing that someone could be reading this makes want to keep moving forward (no not in the Barack Obama way) and be a better person. DAY ONE. In the books. STAY TUNED!!!

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