Thursday, October 25, 2012

I call it..."My Campaign Baby"

How is it that in 1.5 months I have put on more weight than an expectant mother?  Ok, well that might be pushing it, but seriously that's what it feels like.  As this year's election cycle draws to a stressfull close, I am drawing nearer to drawsting clothes I call this condition my "Campaign Baby" .  Between the office snacks  and the terrible hours melting into even worse eating schedules, it feels like I'm eating for two.  You would think that in between getting yelled at and well...getting yelled at some more I could take 10 minutes and at least stretch. As it turns out the only stretching I am capable of is my hand stretching toword that cheeseball jar. ( side note: I had no idea the amount of office competitions that could be had with the oh-so-wonderful cheeseballs)
     Luckily for me I have LOADS of time to paruse the internet while I'm making hundreds of what I refer to as "Good American" calls, and happened to come across ads for a tremendesously, ridiculousy, insurmountable workout program.  After looking at it for approximately 2.5 minutes I decided that not only was I going purchase this, but along with the retail therapy would come the amazing sense of commitment and bad ass awesomenessthat that would automatically happen with the incredible boldness it takes to even buy the program.  Instead I got a rush of fear, premature failure, and well...sheer terror. 
    In 2-5 business days I will be the oh-so-proud owner of this miracle working delux set of DVD's. As of this moment I am envisioning ripped abs and me floating down the catwalk in my new designer wardrobe...occasionally stopping to show off my beautifully toned biceps and impress the  onlookers with my amazing one-armed pushup.  Will I last a day? a week? or finish it with AMAZING results? Here's to the start of a new success story....